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BY CATE 24th May 2018

Do you have that one activity, the one that takes your mind into a moment of calm and control, where we can block out the hurriedness of everyday life, take a breath, and slow down?

In a world where we face a barrage of information that is being thrown at us every day, overloading our senses and confusing our minds, I find calm and a sense of control in creative pursuits. It doesn’t still my thoughts like losing myself in a good book can, it isn’t what I turn to in moments of exhaustion, but it is what I turn to when I’m feeling restless, when my self esteem has taken a hit or when I am trying to work through a dilemma.


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Creativity and family

Amanda, Belle and Cate, we are three sisters navigating our busy lives, family and careers with our desire to live a happy, healthy, creative life. Like most women, life is often chaotic and a constant challenge to balance time for others and ourselves.

It’s with honesty and a good dose of humour that we narrative our lives in the blog as creative women. In the sharing of our stories, struggles, triumphs, ideas and creative projects we hope to encourage other women to tap into their own Creative Queen Bee wings and pursue personal creativity.

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