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The Creative Queen Bees team thrives on creativity. We are most happy when we are buzzing with exciting new ideas.  We believe that creativity is the secret ingredient for success in business and in living a happy, healthy, creative life. We have designed workshops, seminars and other goodies to help people find a sweet connection to their creativity, discover unlimited personal creative potential, trailblazer in business and solve big curly business and brand problems with transformational results.


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Creative Queen Bees is an international award winning creative studio, founded by designer and artist, Amanda O’Bryan. Our small team all share a belief in the fundamental values that define Creative Queen Bees; creativity, joy, self-expression, collaboration and innovation. With creativity and artistry at our core we always have a paintbrush, pencil or camera at the ready.

We recently moved the studio to the Hunter Valley, close to the new thriving creative centre of Newcastle NSW and Amanda’s home town.

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2015  Winner of the ‘Creative Industries Award’, Blue Mountains Business Awards

2014 Silver Medal, ‘Re-brand category’, International Creative Awards,

2014 Winner of ‘Best New Business’, Blue Mountains Business Awards

2014 Winner ‘Best New Business’, Altitude Awards

2013 Finalist ‘Solo Business Award’, Altitude Awards


AGDA  |  Australian Graphic Design Association

Mountains Made Creative Cluster

Women With Altitude

Blue Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce

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