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Chicken soup for the creative soul

  Hello Creative QB’s,CREATIVE COOKINGApprox making time 1 day----------------------------------------Making chicken soup from scratch using homemade bone broth is nourishment for your creative soul. It’s a perfect mid winter weekend thing to do and an antidote to...

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Make a living succulent wreath

    Hello Creative QB’s, DIY CREATIVE PROJECT Approx making time 2-3 hours - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Connecting with the joy of making helps us all de-stress, unwind and enhance our personal wellbeing. Working on a creative DIY project is just one way...

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Listening for the sound of creativity

Hello Creative QB’s, - 3 minute read - 15 min creative practice All that clatter and bang in our head is a creative block. It’s the noise that stops us from hearing the sound of creativity. Learning to turn down the background noise, turns up the sound of creativity...

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Are you making perfect mistakes?

Hello Creative QB’s, 3 minute read Some of the worlds greatest discoveries came about because of a simple mistake; the microwave, superglue, teflon and even the pacemaker- all came about because of a creative process that was ‘stuffed up’, and even though these were...

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Hello Creative QB’s, 3 minute read Colour is an extremely powerful tool. Ninety per cent of snap judgements are based on response to colour. We encourage our children to paint rainbows and read picture books splashed with considered palettes. So why as we get older do...

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When creativity is more than just escapism

Hello Creative QB’s, 2 minute read. It is not fair for me to say my creativity is a form of escapism, whilst it certainly can be and is also a great healing process, the term escapism sells creativity short, for it is a much more beneficial tool that we can use to...

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Belle’s philosophy on driving creativity

Hello Creative QB’s, 3 minute read I always feel after a road trip inspired by all I have seen and collected and imprint those images somewhere deep in my right brain. I capture the changing light on modern day ‘film’ and stuff the car full of nature’s curios I have...

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