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With Creative Queen Bees founder, Amanda O’Bryan.

Creativity in New York

Albert Einstein famously said, ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’. Im heading to Buffalo, New York this month on a scholarship to attend the ‘Creative Problem Solving Institute’ at the Creative Education Foundation. The Foundation is...

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Yes, you are creative!

  If I ask you this question, "Do you think you are creative"? How do you answer? Do you immediately think, "I am not creative, I can't draw, I have no special artistic talent"? I believe we do ourselves a great disservice by telling ourselves we are not...

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In This Hat I Feel Like A Gardener

When I wear this beaten up old hat, I feel like a gardener. I’m not much of an actual gardener, but I imagine myself to be.  When I put on this hat, I feel like some master gardener, from a beautiful English country garden with roses and hedges and Downtown Abbey...

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