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When creativity is more than just escapism

Hello Creative QB’s, 2 minute read. It is not fair for me to say my creativity is a form of escapism, whilst it certainly can be and is also a great healing process, the term escapism sells creativity short, for it is a much more beneficial tool that we can use to...

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Belle’s philosophy on driving creativity

Hello Creative QB’s, 3 minute read I always feel after a road trip inspired by all I have seen and collected and imprint those images somewhere deep in my right brain. I capture the changing light on modern day ‘film’ and stuff the car full of nature’s curios I have...

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Big Hearted Welcome

    Hello Creative QB’s, 6 minute read This is my first post under the pen-ship of a new Creative Queen Bees. A big hearted warm welcome to you. I'm Amanda, founder and Creative Director at Creative Queen Bees. We are a brand, blog, online space and creative studio...

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Cate’s candy shop of creativity

    CATE'S FIRST BLOG 4 minute read I’m Cate- wife, mother of three, primary school teacher and DIY extraordinaire. I am a ‘can do’ girl. I wear the handy lady pants in our household. There is much I can’t do particularly well, but little I won’t try my hand at. My...

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Who am I? Where am I going? What is creativity to me?

    BELLE'S FIRST BLOG POST 6 minute read. When sitting down to start writing for our blog, my sister Amanda told me all I need to be is honest, be myself. So to answer these life questions I shall….in the best way I know how! With honesty and at the beginning. All...

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World Ovarian Cancer Day May 8th 2018

OVARIAN CANCER OCCURS IN WOMEN OF ALL AGES 2 minute read We are launching the new Creative Queen Bees website this week, but today is all about bringing into sharp focus the need for women to be aware that Ovarian Cancer is the most deadly form of cancer amongst...

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