Creativity courses that connect you with a happy, healthy, creative life and business.




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Learn how to live a happy, healthy, creative life.

A transformational course in breaking through your creative blocks to design a happy, healthy creative life you love.


This self guided course is designed to smash through the limitations, beliefs and stories that hold you back and block you from fulfilling your full creative potential and living a creative life with confidence.

In this course you will learn to remove blocks and create the masterpiece that is your life in broad, beautiful, bold brushstrokes.

You will learn tried and tested strategies, habits, tools and daily practice together with research findings gathered from Amanda’s  20+ years of creative experience.

With daily practice, you can be a master of creating lasting, deep rooted change in your life.

You do not need any art skill, special creative gift, or ability; this course is about showing up in your life, ready to create and celebrate through loving your whole creative self.


Get clear, get clarity. Got an idea, not sure where to begin? Or maybe you just need a different perspective on a challenge or dissatisfaction in your life?


Got an idea? Want to turn your spark into sparkling brilliance? Explore, stretch and breakout your idea, challenge or issue and polish it up.


Want more from the Breakthrough Creativity Course? Smash it with personal one-on-one weekly coaching with Amanda for the duration of the Breakthrough Creativity program.

What they say!

“I first met Amanda of “Creative Queen Bees” fame during the period when I was planning to open my very own real estate agency. I went home inspired and driven, I went home knowing exactly what I wanted to convey with my brand.

I continued to use the techniques that Amanda showed me in her workshop and then there it was, I had it!

Peggy Wilcox

Founder, CEO, Mooney Real Estate

I loved the fresh approach to planning and problem solving that Amanda’s Creativity in Action Workshop gave me. It was really valuable to have the  opportunity to look at my business with a new perspective. I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for the potential for change in my business. 

Fiona Donnelly

Writer, Telopea Services

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