The masterpiece of life 

Creativity is the masterpiece of life. We are all creative, born with the intrinsic characteristics of creativity. Creativity is sown into the fabric of who we are as human beings with the capacity for free-thinking, feeling and experiencing the world in our own particular way. As a human race, we have been creating, innovating and crafting for as long as we have inhabited the earth. Creativity is our heritage and we have the ability to create, shape and paint our lives into our own masterpiece.




Imagine the unimaginable

At Creative Queen Bees we help realise what is often unimaginable, too challenging or too problematic in business and life. We help you to embrace change, flip perspectives, be inspirational business leaders and bring fully formed ideas to reality. We do this by combining a number of world class methodologies, an extensive knowledge base, training and 20 years of creative experience to deliver unique pathways based in core Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Innovation and Creative Leadership to produce breakthrough imaginative results.

You have landed on Creative Queen Bees because you are deeply curious, you are a seeker, a dreamer who dares to imagine the unimaginable.
We call you a ‘Hive Flyer’ and we are pleased to meet you.

We offer creative inspiration, education and facilitation with workshops, coaching, event speaking, playdays, design and products to help you design a happy, healthy and creative life.

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