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My name is Amanda O’Bryan, I am a designer, illustrator, artist, author of the forthcoming book, ‘Daily Acts of Creativity’ and founder of Creative Queen Bees. My truest desire is to share my passion for creativity, to inspire, connect and support women to live happy, healthy, creative lives they love.

I  believe personal creativity is an essential life-force for creating purpose with meaning in our lives. Investing in a creative vision for your life and/or business is an investment in yourself, your life and the lives of the people you love. By stepping into your creative self, you are tapping into your rich creative potential and it is available to you any time.

When you give yourself time and permission to discover and explore your natural gifts and talents you experience a sense of wellbeing, self-love, self expression, imagination, adventure, inspiration, insight, fun, freedom and growth. 

I started Creative Queen Bees back in 2012 as a full service creative studio specialising in award winning brand strategy, brand design, graphic and web. That all changed after I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2017.

You can read more about how my life changed in this blog post > here.

Since then, Creative Queen Bees has grown a different pair of ‘Hive Flying’ wings and this website is a growing, changing, living manifestation dedicated to women living a happy, healthy and creative life built with love. What makes this even more exciting is that I am  joined by my two sisters, Belle and Cate the blog and in creative collaboration on projects and products in our store.

I know we will meet along the journey. Until then, much love to you.

Amanda x

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I am guessing you have landed on Creative Queen Bees because you are deeply curious, a seeker, dreamer, a hive flyer with a desire to make, shape, design and live a fulfilling life – I do too!

The problem is most of us live in a world that hustles. Creativity is the antithesis of hustle. We often find ourselves strung out, stressed out and perhaps in search for some peace, 

As women, when we connect with their own unique, personal creativity, our natural gifts and talents, it helps us find a way back to our true selves and live true to who we really are. There are many ways to find a balance and tap into the creativity that already lives within you and be a Hive Flying Creative Queen Bee.


If you are reading this, you probably already know women are magnificent and magical creatives. My job is to shine a light on your uniqueness,  and show you how to spark your curiosity and ignite a passion that connects deeply, truthfully and spiritually with your creative self.

We are all born with the intrinsic characteristics of creativity. Creativity is sown into the fabric of who we are as human beings, and more importantly as women. We all possess the capacity for free-thinking, feeling, intuiting and experiencing the world in our own unique and magnificent way. As women, we have been creating, innovating, crafting and designing our lives and our families lives for centuries. Creativity is our heritage and we have the ability to create, shape and paint our lives into our own masterpiece.

 Start living your happy, healthy, creative life today.

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