Creative Queen Bees is dedicated to the art of living a happy, healthy, creative life, at home and in business.

Work with me to:

  • Breakthrough your creative blocks with my book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’.
  • Inspire beauty and creativity into your life and home with my original art and illustration via my online shop or by commission.
  • Support you in your brand and business with bespoke, award winning graphic design and illustration. 

You are a living work of art.

Hello, I’m Amanda, Im delighted you have found your way to Creative Queen Bees.

I’m a designer and artist with a passion for injecting creativity and positivity into life.

Let’s flip an idea for a minute.  Imagine that creativity is simply a state of wellbeing.  Imagine experiencing deep fulfilment, purpose, meaning, joy, connection and love as your natural state.

Does that change your idea of creativity?

I’d love to help ignite creativity and positivity in your own life, in business and at home.

Ways you can work or connect with me:

♥ Read my new book, ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’.
♥ Shop creative inspiration.
♥ Commission me for original art and illustration.
♥ Work with me to create a unique one-off-a-kind brand.
♥ Come to one of my creative workshops or events.
♥ Invite me to speak at your next event or function.

Spark your inner Creative Queen Bee!

Here are some of the ways you can work or connect with me.



Introducing a new, beautifully designed and illustrated, inspirational book for Creative Queen Bees.

REGISTER to part of our VIP launch event on World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th 2020 and receive a special limited edition launch pack, including a signed book, art print and other creative goodies.




'Daily Acts Of Creativity' Book Launch


Launching at a special event on World Ovarian Cancer Day, 8th May 2020 at The Showroom in Newcastle, NSW. 


Register to secure your spot as a VIP launch party guest, for a signed pre-ordered book, special limited edition art print and other creative goodies you will love.



Thank you? You have successfully registered. I will be in touch very soon...

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