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Hello Creative QB’s

We are delighted to meet you. You are one of us, a Creative Queen Bee.


We are guessing you have landed on Creative Queen Bees because you are deeply curious, a seeker, dreamer, a hive flyer with a desire to make, shape, design and live a fulfilling life – we do too!

The problem is most of us live in a world that hustles. Creativity is the antithesis of hustle. In our strung out, stressed out lives we are searching for meaning and purpose. We all have a deep desire to be loved as our authentic selves on a daily basis. We believe connecting with personal creativity helps us all find a way back to our true selves, to find meaning and purpose. We invite you to come along with us, connect with your creativity and transform your life for personal growth.


If you are reading this, you probably already know as humans we are all creative. Our job is not to convince you of that, but to spark your curiosity and show you how to connect with your creativity.

We are all born with the intrinsic characteristics of creativity. Creativity is sown into the fabric of who we are as human beings, and more importantly as women. We all possess the capacity for free-thinking, feeling, intuiting and experiencing the world in our own unique and magnificent way. As women, we have been creating, innovating, crafting and designing our lives and our families lives for centuries. Creativity is our heritage and we have the ability to create, shape and paint our lives into our own masterpiece.


Creative Queen Bees is a blog, brand, online space and creative studio.

We are three sisters, Amanda, Belle, Cate.  Read our story and meet us on the interwebs!




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Our main blog themes are about connecting with a happy, healthy, creative life, but we hope to cover so much more including a bunch of creativity for business pages.


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