Want to know the secret art to living a happy, healthy, creative life, at home and in business?

I can show you how to:

  • Identify and unlock your creative style by reading my book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’.
  • Inspire beauty and creativity into your life, home or office with my original art, illustration & design.
  • Learn the mindset and toolset of creativity as a powerful skill for transformation and wellbeing.

Hello, I’m Amanda, Im delighted you have found your way to Creative Queen Bees.

I’m a designer and artist with a passion for injecting creativity and positivity into life. I’d love to help ignite creativity and positivity in your own life, in business and at home.

Ways you can work or connect with me:

♥ Read my new book, ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’.
♥ Shop creative inspiration.
♥ Commission me for original art and illustration.
♥ Work with me as your creativity coach. 
♥ Work with me to create a unique one-off-a-kind design.
♥ Come to one of my creative workshops or events.
♥ Invite me to speak at your next event or function.

Spark your inner Creative Queen Bee!

Here are some of the ways you can work or connect with me.

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