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Sisters, brother, parents, kids, husbands, ducks and shared values.


As the eldest, Amanda I am the founder of Creative Queen Bees. I shape and create the daily business of Creative Queen Bees. I’m joined by my two sisters, Belle who is also an artist and illustrator and Cate, a maker, we share the blog and online art space.

On The Blog

Like most women, life is often chaotic, and a constant challenge to balance time for others and for ourselves. It’s with honesty that we narrate our lives as creative women in the blog.  We share our stories, struggles, triumphs, ideas and creative projects to encourage other women to tap into their own Creative Queen Bee wings and pursue personal creativity to fulfil their potential in life and business.

In The Online Art Space

Our online art space is where we share what we create with the world as artists, illustrators, makers and designers. Our creative work is at the core of what we do and we hope you drop into our shop from time to time and enjoy our creative joinery.


We are only 3 parts of a larger, whole O’Bryan family. We have another sister, a brother and two wanderlust parents. There are 14 grandchildren, spouses and a couple of ex husbands in total. There are dogs, cats, fish, chooks, ducks, cows, reptiles and everything in-between, not to mention an extended tangle of many aunts, uncles and cousins.

We grew up riding our bikes and causing havoc around our neighbourhood in the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens, NSW. We went to church on Sundays, fought over space in the bathroom and went on long drives and long summer holidays with our cousins.

We have cried together during some very sad times of loss and hardship, cheered each other on during times of challenge and growth. We are far from perfect, we muck up stuff – all the time. We are the girls next door who learnt from our parents to ‘have a go’ and live life the best way we could, and always ask ‘What if”?



Founder, Creative Director

Amanda O’Bryan is the founder and Creative Director of Creative Queen Bees. With over 20 years of creative experience, Amanda has worked as a designer, artist, innovator, creative manager, musician and business owner. Amanda has studied Visual Arts, Graphic Design, and holds a BA in Design, a Diploma in Web Development and a Graduate Certificate in PR. More recently Amanda trained at the Creative Education Foundation in New York, the world leader in Applied Imagination.

Amanda’s approach to life and creativity is simple – “How might I design a happy, healthy, creative life I love”?





Belle (affectionately known as Binny) is the 2nd sister of the trio to join Creative Queen Bee’s.

After some big life changes in the past 12 months and 22 previous years in aviation and tourism, Belle decided it was time to start living an authentic creative life. A life which she had always dreamed, and is now pursuing.

Belle recently completed Design at the renowned International School of Colour and Design, and is now working towards completing her Surface Design Diploma. Her love for fabrics, textiles and colour inspires new projects where she can incorporate her passion for modern Australian motif design and illustration.

Living on a rural property in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Belle can often be found illustrating her beloved ‘blue cows’, ‘mustard goats’ and ‘green wallabies’.

Belle is a creative wanderlust, embracing the mindful insight of the creative journey.

“For me, the explosion of wonder is everything. Beauty, insight, human tenacity, determination and the pure joy of creativity is what inspires me. Colour, shape, form, line, pattern and purpose I see in all things.”




Cate is the ‘can-do’ girl and youngest in the creative trio.

She wears the handy lady pants and there is not much she won’t try her hand at. Cate possesses a love of learning and has developed a strength in combining the processes of thinking both logically and creatively. She balances being a wife and mother of three with a career in primary school teaching where she enjoys being able to cultivate a love of learning and creativity in others.

Cate graduated with honors from a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts Degree in Primary Education, with a specialisation in Special Education. She is currently teaching Kindergarten, is a learning support teacher and is furthering her teaching education in the area of Gifted and Talented.

Her creative pursuits mostly include working with fibre – macramé, weaving, embroidery and sewing. She loves playing with timber and wields a pretty wild hammer. If we are completely honest she is like a kid in a candy store who can’t pick what she loves the most. Recently she has taken on the task of learning block printing and calligraphy and there is always excitement brewing about a new project she has in the pipeline.

“I should probably pick my favourite candy, but where is the adventure in that”!


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