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Amanda O’Bryan is an artist, designer and author, with an unrelenting passion for helping people re-imagine their creativity as a state of well-being and live confidently happy, healthy and creative lives.
(Even if they think they can’t draw a stick figure)!


Amanda O'Bryan Creativity Guest Speaker


With over 20+ years as a creative professional, education and world-class training in creativity, Amanda is an experienced speaker and creativity facilitator.

Amanda shares her secret recipe for being more creative. From ultimate perfectionist superhero working mother, burnt-out, sick and diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, to re-imagining her creativity as a state of wellbeing and finding greater balance. Amanda is now the Creative Queen Bee of her own life and career.

Amanda’s speaking style is uplighting, playful, hands-on, and always includes some audience participation and interaction.

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Happiness and wellbeing, leadership, motivation and making life creative.

Talking Points

Burnout to balance. Amanda’s journey from the ultimate ‘superhero’ working woman to an Ovarian Cancer diagnosis and beyond – with all the real bits in-between.

Creativity and hormones. Why creativity is an essential part of a women’s wellbeing.

Bone Diggers. Tell me why you don’t think creativity is your jam, and I’ll show you where to look and how to start healing old broken creative bones. (This topic is inspired by the many women who tell me they don’t have a creative bone in their body). It’s a deep dig into a real audience members story, and unpacking of block around creativity.

Writing Points

  • How creativity teaches us to fail for success.
  • How to style up your creativity to access your natural gifts and talents.
  • Daily, creative wellbeing rituals that build confidence and resilience.
  • Re-imagine, re-configure and re-set your life with the power of creative ‘Re’ energy.
  • “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” Healing old broken creative bones for living a fully expressed life.
  • Life is the masterpiece, you are the artist – hands-on ways to unlock your creativity for a happy, healthy and creative life.

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Amanda’s Full Bio >> HERE


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