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How to make creative U Turns

    10 reasons why YOU think you’re not creative and 10 ways to TURN it around.   Have you every thought to yourself, “I want to do something more creative, I just don’t know what that is?”. If this sounds like you, then you are not alone. If you have ever started a...

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Brand Love and Creative Love

    Hello Creative QB’s, I am thrilled to be launching my series of masterclass workshops; ‘Brand Love’ on October 20th and ‘Creative Love’ on November 24th. By Amanda 2 minute read I've been busting to run workshops ever since moving back to the Hunter...

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Guilt Free Creativity

    Doing it for the kids! This week, we have escaped in our caravan for the school holidays. Apart from board games, bikes and the beach, it’s up to my kids to make their own fun. I’m taking a few moments to work on some beautiful hand-made products to be...

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Finding Time To Be Creative

    Hello Creative QB’s, 2 minute read Google states time is “a measure used to sequence and compare the duration of events, and to quantify rates of change in material reality or in the conscious experience.” Wowsa..when I read this I was immediately projected back...

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Branding Blitz for Small Business

Branding Blitz for Small Business The secret to creating an engaging, successful brand in small business is creative strategy. In this 4 hour hands-on workshop I'm going to show you how to build a creative, cut through brand, raise your brand awareness and implement...

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Green Thumbs up for Creativity

    Hello Creative QB’s, 3 minute read Spring is popping so our blogs this month are blooming with gardening themes and all things green. We all know that indoor plants have great health benefits like cleaning the air, but did you know that they can aid in your...

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Creativity is like gardening

Hello Creative QB’s, 2 minute read I love gardening and have a favourite old beaten-up hat I wear; it makes me feel like a gardener. Creative ideas are like gardens and often my best ideas come after a day moseying around the yard, digging in the dirt. Gardens thrive...

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