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A word about 2019

Hello Creative QB’s, On this last day of 2018, it’s in my nature to ponder the year that was. In the history of my many years, it was a good one. Sometime back in December I started thinking about 2019 with intention. Not like a resolution or something to achieve, but...

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Brand Love and Creative Love

    Hello Creative QB’s, I am thrilled to be launching my series of masterclass workshops; ‘Brand Love’ on October 20th and ‘Creative Love’ on November 24th. By Amanda 2 minute read I've been busting to run workshops ever since moving back to the...

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Finding Time To Be Creative

    Hello Creative QB’s, 2 minute read Google states time is “a measure used to sequence and compare the duration of events, and to quantify rates of change in material reality or in the conscious experience.” Wowsa..when I read this I was immediately...

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Branding Blitz for Small Business

Branding Blitz for Small Business The secret to creating an engaging, successful brand in small business is creative strategy. In this 4 hour hands-on workshop I'm going to show you how to build a creative, cut through brand, raise your brand awareness and implement...

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