We firmly believe that creative strategy is a competitive advantage


Creative strategy underpins everything we do here at Creative Queen Bees. We approach all our projects, large and small with our ‘Hive Flying’ approach. This combines creativity, innovation and technology to design solutions that bridge the gap between you and your customer.

We promote the value of creativity as competitive advantage and have designed a scalable, innovative creative process that allows business to creatively ‘tune-in’. This process connects you with the essence of your business and how to best communicate these creative insights to the outside world with engaging, authentic brands and great design.

We pride ourselves on providing a solid foundation of creative strategy and have designed a process that connects you with the essence of your business.

Creative strategy is the difference between good design and great design and a springboard for delivering effective communication and experiences to your customers. Our creative insights add value to your business with branding and design and our experience puts a stop to ad-hoc approaches to marketing and communications.


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Brand Building

Brand building is a creative process that is the difference between a logo and the experience of your brand. Brand is the bridge between your vision, the business identity and your customers.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is about visual communication. Our design goal is to understand your audience, what makes your business tick and how we can communicate it with clever design.

Web Design

Success online is about a solid creative and technical strategy. Our web and online business solutions guide you through a solid strategy combined with technical expertise for online success.

Digital Design

Digital Design is all about new technology, adding value to your marketing and enhancing the customers experience of your brand. We use clever ideas to communicate your message via a digital platform.

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