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Unlock your life, by unblocking your creativity.

I have been thinking about how I can help you and honour your creative self-expression,  especially given what is going on in the world in our individual lives right now. That is why in 2022, I am bringing a new approach to how I can help you heal and grow in a creative transformational way.

Midway through 2022, I will be launching a hybrid, one-of-its-kind creative coaching program for multi-passionate people like you and me. In fact it’s the program I wish I could have done many years ago.

Doors are scheduled to open in June/July for the first round of live coaching and mentoring. Join my mail list to stay in the conversation and learn how you can be part of the first participants.

I get goosebumps just thinking about how breakthrough this program will be for you.

Join the mail list below.

Until then, Amanda 🧡


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