Creativity coaching & mentoring


I help you unlock your life, by unblocking your creativity.

Hello, I am Amanda O’Bryan, artist, illustrator, designer, author, multi-passionate creative and founder of Creative Queen Bees.

Where are you on your creative life path right now?

Maybe you want to feel more confident, happy and connected, less anxious or stressed. ready to experience joy & happiness in your everyday life?

Are you an artist, writer, performer, songwriter, ready to confidently rule your creative kingdom like a Creative Queen Bee?

Do you have a beautiful big vision, but paralysed by procrastination?  

Or you might be ready to elevate your passion, truly step into your calling and take on a major project like an exhibition, recording music, writing a book or putting together a portfolio of work.

Then again, are you simply curious about how creativity can help you create a happy and healthy life.

I offer one-of-a-kind, supportive coaching & mentoring based on the philosophies of therapeutic art through the lens of positive psychology & creative problem-solving. 

In a very hands-on practical way, you learn to master the mindset, toolset and skillset to flourish in life.

I help you spotlight your unique strengths, empowering you to step into your natural gifts and talents while cultivating positive, anchoring emotions through a therapeutic creative arts-based process to support your wellbeing and personal growth. 

As an introduction to my coaching work, I offer a complimentary, obligation free, 45 min creative clarity call.

Book your creative clarity call with me today.

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