Creativity coaching

Highly personalised, individual creativity coaching is an investment in your wellbeing.

Giving yourself permission to be abundantly happy, healthy and creative (even if it feels like a pipe dream right now) is one of the first steps in realising your full creative potential – forever!

I assure you, those beliefs, excuses and sabotaging behaviour you got going on right now, I’ve seen and heard it all, hey honey, I wrote the book on them.

I have used every single trick in that book to subconsciously and consciously block, thwart, avoid and deny the unique, unlimited depth of my own personal creativity. This is all in spite of having spent over twenty years melding together a creative life, as a designer, artist and illustrator (among other things).

You are not crazy, mad, irresponsible or selfish to want to live a fully expressed, creative life, in fact the opposite is true. What if you don’t unleash your creativity in the world? What if the legacy of your natural gifts and talents never saw the light of day? You would be robbing firstly, yourself and the world of something truly magnificent. 

Imagine having the freedom to create, to re-imagine, to step into your grace, beauty and flow with joy, connection, healing, growth and love. As a woman you are neurologically wired for creativity, it is our collective destiny to live deeply profound creative lives.

This is the creative life path I am on and I want the same for you.


Is creativity coaching for me?

If you yearn to answer the call of your creative spirit, to calm the restlessness that chips at your soul, increase your wellbeing and happiness, create new meaning and purpose in your life, your families’ lives and in the world, then I stand with you and see who you really are. Creativity coaching alongside me will powerfully provide a framework of support, accountability and transformation that is connected to your truth, in a safe and nurturing space.

Should I already be ‘creative’ or have a creative profession?

No prior creative experience is necessary. You don’t need any special artistic skill or talent, special equipment or knowledge. Creativity coaching is not about learning the technical skills of be a great painter, sculptor, musician, dancer, actor, writer or creative professional. Creativity coaching is about honouring the woman your are and cracking open your deep unlimited, abundant creative potential. 

The only thing you need is commitment, self-expression and a willingness to see things and yourself differently.

As your partner and coach, I will guide and support you with the skillset, toolset and mindset of deliberate and transformational creativity to ignite positive change in your life. I will help you understanding what your creativity really is, where it comes from and how to powerfully breakthrough the blocks that stop you from achieving your dreams.

I will challenge you to:

• Re-frame who you are and what your are capable of achieving.

• Be open to the miracle of your unique gifts and talents.

• Connect with your channel of imaginative potential.

• Ignite the possibility of being in an everyday state of creative wellbeing.

My approach to coaching is not one-size fit’s all. You are the artist in your own masterpiece of life, it’s my job to honour that. I will assist you in establishing clear, achievable, measurable goals and support you to connect with your inner wisdom.  Ultimately, this path is yours and I know you are ready to strap on your Creative Queen Bees wings.

It’s your time to fly.

I have an obligation FREE creativity 'readiness' guide for you.

I acknowledge you for the journey so far and want to learn more about where you are headed.

Please drop me an email and I will send you an absolutely no-obligation assessment guide to discover where you are at right now on your creative journey.

Amanda ♥


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