Do you want a happy, healthy creative life you love? Infused with meaning, purpose, joy, abundance, growth and love? Do you have a deep calling to bring your creative vision to life, to make a difference in your life and the world?

Personalised, one-on-one creativity coaching helps you breakthrough your blocks and live an unstoppable, unlimited creative life full of purpose.



Get clear, get ready, get creative. Do you have an idea? Do you know you are meant to be doing something creative but not sure where to begin? Or maybe you just need a different perspective on your creative life, challenge or situation?

This is a FREE one hour introductory one-on-one session with me.



Accountability and action turns a spark into sparkling brillance. Discover what is really holding you back from taking the next steps in pursuing your fulfilling creative life. 

Explore, stretch and polish your sparkle. Take the first step in bringing your vision to life, let the world see and hear your unique, one-of-a-kind voice.

What they say!

We learnt so much! It gave us great direction as to what message we want to get across to our Facebook followers and how to go about it. We would highly recommend your workshop, you were so understanding and I loved that we all bounced ideas off one another.

Teagan and Sharon Mather,

Owners, Pirtek, Muswellbrook

“I first met Amanda of “Creative Queen Bees” fame during the period when I was planning to open my very own real estate agency. I went home inspired and driven, I went home knowing exactly what I wanted to convey with my brand.

I continued to use the techniques that Amanda showed me in her workshop and then there it was, I had it!

Peggy Wilcox

Founder, CEO, Mooney Real Estate

I loved the fresh approach to planning and problem solving that Amanda’s Creativity in Action Workshop gave me. It was really valuable to have the  opportunity to look at my business with a new perspective. I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for the potential for change in my business. 

Fiona Donnelly

Writer, Telopea Services


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