Get clear, get clarity. Got an idea, not sure where to begin? Or maybe you just need a different perspective on
a challenge or dissatisfaction in your life?

One Hour Of Creative Power is a one-on-one call with Amanda. We focus on one area of your life, creative practise or business challenge that requires some savvy, punchy, big hairy creative problem solving.

Do you want to:

  • Clarify a goal, vision or challenge in any area of your life?
  • Clarify your passion?
  • Stir up what you already have, get very clear on your direction?
  • Brainstorming or testing out an idea?

We go into any area of your life or business that requires powerful clarity for a creative, imaginative or innovative solution explore a vision and identify what the issue or challenge is and apply actionable steps you can implement with tools and strategies along the way.

Sessions are delivered via Skype.

To find out more, contact Amanda below for a full outline and availability.

Amanda is creativity in full flight, I love the way her brain thinks, she is my go-to for any business challenge where I need a breakthrough solution.

Her Creativity in Action Workshop is a popular addition to our member services in which we always receive positive feedback. Amanda has been a regular guest speaker at our large member events and awards, she is a creative asset to our business.

Andrea Turner-Boys

Founder, CEO, Women With Altitude

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