Got an idea? Need your spark to turn into sparkling brilliance?

Explore, stretch and breakout your idea, challenge or issue. In a Spark to Sparkle session we take your original idea and build upon it by generating lots of creative, imaginative quality ideas and turn them into workable solutions.

Do you want to:

  • Gain creative confidence to pursue new opportunities in life?
  • Expertly re-invent yourself and re-design your life?
  • Push through roadblocks that are holding you back from success in business and life?

This session is ideal for new challenges in life where extra creative courage and shine is a must!  It is also great for a enterprise, or entrepreneur who is developing  products and services that need an extra polish and creative thinking for innovation.

In this 3 hour session we seek workable, innovate ways to solve your challenge and stretch your idea. It’s often a wild and whacky ride, with no idea discouraged. With a series of tools we go wide on multiple ideas and then come back into strategies for strong further development.

Sessions are delivered via Skype or Face to Face.

To find out more, contact Amanda below for a full outline and availability.

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