Inspire your people to thrive in the hive. Tap into creativity for increased workplace productivity and growth. 


Play-day, Pay-days.

In the business world, it often feels impossible to seek time for creativity. Even more so, when you know creativity in the workplace improves performance outcomes,  helps find better solutions to the same old re-occurring problems and keeps people happy and engaged.

The direct correlation between creativity in the workplace and productivity is clear – restorative experiences that improve overall wellbeing is an investment you can make for your business and it’s people.

Turn play-days into pay-days.

Our one-of-a-kind Creative Queen Bee,  corporate Play-day Pay-days will capture your team’s imagination, elevate their creative thinking, help restore their wellbeing and ignite a renewed sense of purpose at work. That is great news for your bottom-line!

Our art-based workshops and events are guided, playful, inspiring experiences with artist and award-winning designer, Amanda O’Bryan.

In evocative locations and settings, (or in the workplace) Amanda’s step’s you out of the ordinary. Using watercolours on paper or acrylics on canvas, Amanda will help your team liberate their inner artist with no previous art experience or expectations required. 

Let us help you create specific outcomes that celebrate your amazing team!


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