Here at Creative Queen Bees we believe creativity is available to everyone. Our creativity workshops are playful, hands on and will teach you how to tap into your creative spirit, kick start new ideas and discover the process of bringing ideas to life.

Following is a number of suggested workshops to get you thinking about what is possible.
Each workshop is customised to suit your particular business challenge, problem, or desire.


Uncover the hidden big ideas in your business, learn how to bring ideas to life and create competitive advantage.
3 hour workshop for small business.


Learn how to be an inspiring creative leader who empowers teams and brings positive change to workplaces.
3 hour workshop


Let us tailor make a workshop that addresses your big dream, business challenge or goals.

I have an obligation FREE creativity 'readiness' guide for you.

I acknowledge you for the journey so far and want to learn more about where you are headed.

Please drop me an email and I will send you an absolutely no-obligation assessment guide to discover where you are at right now on your creative journey.

Amanda ♥


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