You are a living work of art.

Creativity teaches you the secret to opening your heart, hands and mind to a happy, healthy, creative life at home and in the workplace.

I’d love to share that secret with you.

Life is the masterpeice, you are the artist.

Let’s flip an idea for a minute.  Imagine that creativity is simply a state of wellbeing.  Imagine it is an experience of deep fulfilment, purpose, meaning, joy, connection and love, as your natural state of being.

Does that change your idea of creativity?

You might be wondering, I want all those things in my life, but I’m not creative.  Or you might say to yourself, “I know I am meant to be doing something more creative, I just dont know what that is”? 

Whatever you are saying to yourself, that wondering is your creativity calling you in it’s loudest voice. If you are ready to listen, then please take a look at how I can help you act upon the call.

Amanda O'Bryan, Daily Acts of Creativity The Book

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