Friendship and the art of refilling your creative well

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Creativity

Creative Queen Bees Art Picnic

Hello Creative QB’s,

It’s taken me twenty years to perfect the delightful art of re-filling my creative well! It’s been such a tough job, but ha, someone had to do it.

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I’ve had help though, from my BFFs.

Over the past twenty years, together with my besties, we have conspired against the demands of children, husbands, work commitments, past lack of funds, and conflicting schedules to stay committed to our friendship through and the art of time out.

With dogged determination, we have pushed past soooo many obstacles for the thrill of a couple of days away together. For many years, each time we’d go away, we’ve had this little this mantra – ‘no-one is the boss of us‘ and it has been the driving force for so much in our life.

We try to arrange a few weekends away each year. We talk endlessly, eat heaps, drink a little wine, share stories, and laugh our guts out. We solve each other’s problems, inspire each other’s creative projects, invent crazy, ridiculous ideas that we absolutely believe are possible, and generally go home filled to the brim with creative inspiration and love for ourselves and each other.


Our latest creative refill weekend away, a farm-stay.

Our weekends away have created an unshakable bond of unconditional friendship and support through both very rough times and the very best of times. I know the girls have my back, just as I have theirs. We are each other’s best cheer squad and one of the truly magical things it has given us, is a place to stretch, grow and explore who we are without judgement, which is really very special.


The cottage at our farm-stay in the Southern Highlands NSW 


We meet living in Sydney when our babies where at pre-school, but now we all live in very different places. Last month when I was exhibiting my artwork in the Willful exhibition, the girls planned to travel to Newcastle for the weekend to support me and celebrate. Things didn’t go to plan, overnight Newcastle became a COVID hotspot, and we were forced to cancel our plans for our catchup. We were Devo!

Instead, we hatched a new COVID safe plan to spend the weekend at the cutest farm-stay, in the middle of green rolling paddocks, country gardens blooming with daffodils and spring flowers, happy cows, chickens, and horses – all far from the madding COVID crowds on the Southern Highlands in NSW. (Not even COVID could stop us, patiently we waited until NSW restrictions eased).


The cutest picnic hamper ever!

When the time came to pack our bags, my friend Helen brought the picnic – BTW, this is no ordinary a picnic, it’s the most gorgeous vintage picnic hamper you have ever seen, complete with bone china cups and saucers, a real teapot, old fashioned tea cosy, leaf tea, and a gas burner to boil the billy. My other friend Wendy, brought the French champagne and a new fancy car we got to drive around the countryside in and I brought the Angel Cards and incense. (PS. this say’s so much about our personalities). Also, in the past, I have been so excited to get away, that I forgot to pack undies and we’ve had to make a mercy dash to the nearest store to buy me a few pairs).

During this weekend, amongst all the flowers and springtime blossoms, it was also an opportunity to collect and fill up on some beautiful visual references for my new series of watercolours on paper that I’m the process of making called (launching online on November 1st).

Next year, we celebrate twenty years of friendship and of course are planning the ultimate creative refill, because, after twenty years, we truly have perfected the art of refilling the creative well, even if it is during a pandemic.

ART PICNIC >> If you and your BFFs would like to join me for an afternoon of mastering the art of refilling your creative well, click here for an invitation to a VIP private art picnic I am hosting at the Lorn Rose Farm in NSW on November 1st 2020.


 Healthy farm-fresh breakfast

Hello, I am Amanda O’Bryan, a designer, artist, founder of Creative Queen Bees and author of the book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity‘. I  have a passion for injecting creativity and positivity into life, business and at home.


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