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by | May 23, 2023 | Creativity

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Step into the world of Meadow – paintings to mediate on nature’s renewal through the magic of flowers.

My solo exhibition is just around the corner, Meadow – let the flowers speak to you, showing at LEDA Gallery in Newcastle, June 16th- 20th 2023.

Meadow, is an exploration of the natural cycles of growth and change, inviting you to contemplate the dualities of life. From seeding to regeneration, even in the peacefulness of a meadow, life is constantly transforming. Artists, like Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, and Constable, were inspired by the allure of meadow flowers. As Monet once said, “the meadow changes with every moment, but its atmosphere always exudes vitality”.

Through the imagery of Meadow’s abstract paintings, the collection continues my reoccurring theme of healing, change and growth. The exhibition will show works of canvas, hanging drapes, assemblage, and canvas collage, offering a visual meditation for wellbeing.

While painting Meadow, I led with a curious, experimental approach to art-making, and as a result, Meadow hopes to inspire a personal journey towards reflection and inner peace.

I initially rejected the title of Meadow as a collection, something about it seemed too simple. However, the phrase “Let the flowers tend to you,” from a song, spoke to me, and everything fell into place, giving purpose to the entire collection.

You are invited you to come and let the flowers tend to you. June 16th – 20th of June 2023.

Opening Night
Friday 16th June, 2023 6.00pm-8.00pm

LEDA Gallery

Unit 2/850 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW

Gallery Opening Hours

Fri 16th June 10.00am-3.00pm

Sat 17th June 10.00am-2.00pm

Sun 18th June 11.00am-2.00pm

Mon 19th-Tues 20th by appointment

Book a private viewing with me – in the gallery.

The exihibition runs from Friday 16th – 20th of June, so book a private viewing while I take you on a personal tour of the paintings.

Contact me here to book


I am Amanda O'Bryan, an artist, designer and author of the book 'Daily Acts Of Creativity'. I believe life is a masterpiece and we are the artists. On my blog you will find inspiration and resources to help you create your masterpiece of life. 

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