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by | May 1, 2019 | Cate, Creativity

 Wishes for giving back

Cate’s fibre art Rainbows for Red Noses are available HERE >

This past Monday marked the birthday of my second born child, a little boy we named Eamon. This year he would have turned 7. Eamon died suddenly and unexpectedly when he was 16 days old.  During the month of May, I will be making fibre art rainbows, with proceeds going to Red Nose.

By Cate
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The years that have passed since Eamon was born have been quite a journey and as each rolls by with another birthday shortly followed by his anniversary, I always wish I could do more to give back to the community that supported us in those early days.

Eamon died suddenly and unexpectedly when he was 16 days old to a condition called Myocarditis, that resulted from a suspected virus he contracted in utero. SIDS and Kids Hunter Region (now known as Red Nose) were there to support us immediately following his death by way of counselling and provided us with castings of Eamon’s hands and feet that we treasure dearly. It was the voice and support of a woman, also named Kate, who had walked in my shoes 12 years prior, that gave me the hope that I could survive. I had many questions and much I needed to say. Kate was the support that no one else could have been.

So this year, I’ve decided to give back to Red Nose. During the month of May, I will be making fibre art rainbows, to be offered for sale here in the Creative Queen Bees online shop. The proceeds of the sale from each rainbow will be donated to Red Nose in appreciation for their support to our family. There will only be 16 rainbows made available, one for each day that our little guy brought rainbows and sunshine into our lives. Each one is handmade by me with a little help from some mini helpers ( Eamon’s sisters and brother).

The first drop of fibre rainbow wishes will be available for purchase next Monday – 6th May 2019, 7pm (AEST). Watch our Instagram and Facebook during May for announcements of when each rainbow will be available. @CreativeQueenBees or sign up to our mail list for alerts >> HERE


Please note- Credit goes to the amazing Mandi Smethells for the concept and original creation of these beautiful fibre art rainbows. Mandi has very kindly given her blessing for me to recreate her genius with my own added flair. You can find the Imaginative Fibre Sculptress on instagram @mandismoothhills. Her page is sure to brighten your day.



If you would like to know more about Mycoarditis, please visit the website > HERE

You can find out about the wonderful work Red Nose are doing to help save little lives and support grieving families at:





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