Unlock the power of your everyday creativity with ‘RE’ energy

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Unlock the power of your creativity

Hello Creative QB’s,

With a little RE energy, the power of everyday creativity can spark positivity, passion, and power in your life. 

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I guess you are wondering what is this secret ‘RE’ energy I speak of? Well, it is a very simple little bit of everyday magic that looks like this:

Re-fresh, renewal, re-store, relaxation, re-align, resilience, release, reflection, re-awaken, re-charge, re-kindle, realisation, regain, remedy, respect, reuse, re-purpose, reconnect, re-decorate, relationship, revolutionary, reinvigorate, remarkable, re-discover, re-wire, re-imagine, re-make, re-create, refill, rebuild, re-invent, re-love, receive.

Got it? I knew you would. In a snapshot ‘RE’ is a little word or prefix that can change your state of energy and bring crystal clear creative clarity to the hidden corners of your life. (You know the ones – that lurk in the corners, like something or someone is always waiting for you to see them).

Now, I am not going to state scientific research or methods to my claim of the power of ‘RE’ energy. There are no studies or groundbreaking evidence-based papers in the pages of medical journals. Nope, nothing like it! I’m simply making it up, inventing the notion of ‘RE’ energy because I can (that’s what creativity allows us to do) and it’s a creative way to get you to take notice of the point I am highlighting.

Really… ‘RE’ words are potential, life-changers. ‘RE’ energy returns you to a state of possibility. ‘RE’ energy asks for a re-do, a clean slate, to imagine differently. It also asks you to clear out the old and nurture in the new.

Re-thinking what you think creativity is and what it means for a happy, healthy, and creative life opens the door for ‘RE’ energy to flow.

Here is a simple way to start inviting ‘RE’ energy into your life:
(without having to move to a hippie commune or wear crystals in places that are just sooo not meant to go! (no judgment peeps).

  1. In one column, write a list of things or situations you want to change. These may be reasons or excuses where you would like more freedom, joy, creativity. Or, it can be anything you wish you had a better outcome or an improved result. 
  2. In the second column write any number of ‘RE’ words (from the paragraph at the beginning of this blog). Tap into what feels like a good answer, or could potentially change the situation for you.


    Here is an example of my list: I want,


    More time in the studio painting re-align
    More walks along the river and beach re-store / re-charge / relax
    My house painted relationships/ re-build
    More money in the bank relationship / receive / remedy
    A VA on my team revolutionary / receive
    My kids to stop fighting relationships / respect



  3. From the list choose the one issue or situation that has the most repetition, it will be the ‘RE’ word/s that are listed more than 2 or 3 times. For me, it’s relationships. It appears 3 times on my list. This gives me a big ‘ole clue for where I need to focus my ‘RE’ energy – on my relationships, with myself and others.
    >> Go to your list and see which ‘RE’ words keep coming up for you.
  4. Your job now is to invite more of ‘RE’ word energy into your life. So for me, it’s being open to invite the energy of better, improved, or more open relationships. 

You have already completed the single most important step in this exercise – awareness. By doing this exercise, you are now aware of the real or hidden issue of the situation. Now you can make an intention to bring more of that particular ‘RE’ energy into your life through actions, words, or doing things.

You could take a walk on the beach or river. Do daily affirmations or meditations, schedule a little time every day to do a creative project that passionately lights you up – like taking those paints out of the box to start painting or opening that new notebook you bought and start writing ideas for your book!

I will be looking for ways to improve my relationships with my family. Like cooking together, with more family dinners so we can chat, bond, and open up conversations. Maybe even just some hang out time. (I always choose the hard path, I will need to brave in this ‘RE’ energy).

If you want to go deeper on your ‘RE’ energy words, I encourage you to unpack what comes up for you in a journal and dig a little deeper into the hidden issue and brainstorm more solutions. 

To powerfully unlock and nail ‘RE’ energy in your life, I have 100+ easy, awesome everyday ways to help you. In the pages of my book, Daily Acts Of Creativity, ‘RE’ energy comes alive. Reading the book and practicing the activities will help you unlock ‘RE’ energy and let it flow daily. It will help you rediscover your power for a happy, healthy, and creative life.

PS. If you are based outside of Australia, my book is filtering to other parts of the world. Please contact me for details.

RE-spect to you. 

Amanda ♥

Image credit: Trish Evans Photography



Hello, I am Amanda O’Bryan, a designer, artist, founder of Creative Queen Bees and author of the book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity‘. I  have a passion for injecting creativity and positivity into life, business and at home.



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