Daily Acts Of Creativity

A book about unlocking your life, by unblocking your creativity.

Beautifully illustrated

Discover your creative, playful side

Journal, reflect and delight your muse

Over everyday 100 ways to spark a happy, healthy, creative life


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Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to buy the book, Daily Acts Of Creativity

Your inner calling, the voice that tugs at your heart and nudges you in the direction of your most authentic self is your creative spirit, calling you in its loudest voice.

Daily Acts Of Creativity will help you listen to the call and meaningfully find your voice.

This book will help you unlock your creative potential while you learn to silence your inner critic and re-image your creativity as a permanent state of wellbeing.

The best part is, you don’t need to believe you are a creative person to enjoy the benefits of creating a happy, healthy and creative life.

  • ♥ What creativity really is and why is it so important for your wellbeing.  
  • ♥ The undiscovered beliefs that hold you back from creating more freedom and confidence in your everyday life.
  • ♥ The biological proof that women are wired for creativity.
  • ♥ A creative wellbeing mindset that will help overcome creative blocks.  
  • ♥ Life long creative habits that change the chemical wiring of your brain for improved health and wellbeing.
  • ♥ An everyday practice that aligns you with your natural gifts and talents.
  • ♥ More love, joy, ease, beauty, happiness, health, and creativity in your everyday life.
  • ♥ Inspiring quotes, illustrations, and beautiful photos.
  • ♥ A place to journal and doodle your thoughts, insights, dreams and plans.
  • ♥ 100 easy, fun, whimsical ways to recover and connect with your creativity.


  • ♥ 10 extra special advanced ways to bring more creative wellbeing into your life.
  • ♥ A signed edition of the book.
  • ♥ One-of-a-kind A5, pretty ready to frame colour print.
  • ♥ Free shipping Australia wide.



Daily Acts Of Creativity comes with my full 100% money back guarantee!

You must be absolutely convinced that my book, Daily Acts Of Creativity is the only book you have ever read, used or even heard about that will completely connect you to a happier, healthier and creative life or I will gladly refund every single $$$.

Ok, by now you are probably wondering who am I, why should you listen to me and what do I know anyway?

First off, hey – hello, how are you? I’m delighted you have found your way to my book, Daily Acts Of Creativity. My name is Amanda O’Bryan and I am an artist, designer, and author. (OMG, never-ever did I think I would call myself an author – insert squeal of delight from me.)

As for why you should listen to me, over more famous and louder voices, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about how I help women be the Creative Queen Bees they were born to be.

It could be that I’ve had a 25+ year career as a creative woman. I studied Visual Arts then graduated from uni with a BA in Design (Graphic). I’m trained in the worldclass Creative Thinking Model from The Creative Education Foundation in the state of New York, USA and I am currently in my final year of accreditation as a Creative Arts Therapist.

I have worked creatively with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, business owners – corporate, government, and community sector clients, and in creative roles behind the scenes on TV and in music. I’ve created award-winning brand designs for nimble start-ups and solopreneurs. I’ve exhibited and sold my art, won art and design awards, worked with interior designers and stylists, homeowners, art/design collectors, retailers, and homeware manufacturers, aspiring, emerging and professional artists helping them bring their unique self-expression, story, and brand to the world.

But, the thing that is far more personal and life-changing as to why I am deeply qualified to help women be more creative is…

It happened when I was burnout, stressed out, overworked and suffering from poor mental health with anxiety and depression. I knew deep down there was a better way to live life, but I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I stopped caring about myself in the process – until I was forced to. In 2017 out of a clear blue sky I was diagnosed with a rare kind of Ovarian Cancer. Overnight, everything changed.

During my recovery, I discovered the way to a happy, healthy, creative life, had nothing to do with being creatively talented and everything to do with creative wellbeing. I also learned how to honour myself first without feeling selfish or guilty for doing so. You see, even though it looked like I was living my best life, it was a lie – to myself and everyone around me.

It was then I wrote the book, Daily Acts of Creativity. I wrote it to be beautifully illustrated and uplifting, full of techniques to silence the inner critic and re-image creativity as a state of wellbeing. In the book, I share how to re-connect with your inner muse, identify and unlock your creative style and create an imaginative life in 100+ easy, everyday ways.

During my recovery, I was faced with the uncertainty of my future, practicing daily acts of creativity helped me breakthrough long-held beliefs and stories that stopped me from fulfilling my full creative potential. I have healed past scars, learned to truly love myself, and become a better, happier, healthier, and creative woman in the process. I finally stepped into my creative gifts and talents with the confidence and freedom that changed my life forever.

This book will help you do the same – it will connect you to the inner beauty and nature of who you are and align it with what you do, and the best part is you don’t need any special creative skill.

I truly know this book will help you be your creative, authentic self – the Creative Queen Bee you were born to be, without being worn out, dissatisfied and unhappy.

The reason I wrote this book, was for love. I put self-love first and I love helping women do the same. I love knowing creativity is the key to expressing love, living well and being happy.

You will start living a happy, healthy, creative life within just a few hours of reading this book.

And in case you still have some nagging doubts, check out the collection of love notes below:

With much ♥ Amanda O’Bryan




Daily Acts Of Creativity


Receive your:

♥ Signed edition of the book.
♥ Same day, free shipping Australia-wide.
♥ Price includes GST and postage.

$30.00 inc gst


Also available on Amazon Australia and Kindle worldwide

Beautifully illustrated to inspire your creative wellbeing


Daily Acts Of Creativity will open your heart, hands and mind to living an imaginative life.

What a surprise this book has been.

Daily Acts Of Creativity the book was a beautiful gift given to me by a dear friend, to be honest, I judged it as an ‘arts & crafts’ book and thought, I’ll get to that when I have time!!”. Well was I mistaken! I have not been able to put it down. It is so much more than I expected, filled with such wisdom and insights as well as cool activities. Thank you Amanda O’Bryan for creating such a beautiful book. It takes that old saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ (even though a cool cover) to a whole new level. If you are looking to discover a way back to creativity, self-love and cool activities then check it out”.

Celine Egan – reader



♥ Signed edition of the book.
♥ Same day, free shipping Australia-wide.
♥ Price includes GST and postage


Also available on Amazon Australia and Kindle worldwide

Within hours of reading this book, you will begin to rediscover your playful side and embrace experimenting with colour, scent, sound, taste and the texture of life.

Love notes about ‘Daily Acts of Creativity’

‘This book is so good’
Denise Duffield-Thomas

Author, Get Rich Lucky Bitch & Chillpreneur, Money Mindset Coach

What a gift – in so many ways. This book is raw, real, creative, a gift of abundance. Congratulations Amanda O’Bryan. Your journey, your creativity, your gifts – all in these beautiful pages. This book will bring out the creativity, the creator in its readers. It also arrives in true creative style – I almost didn’t want to open it.
In these pages you will find inspiration, a journal, motivation, knowledge, wisdom and love. It’s also filled with easy, quick and fun activities. Buy a copy now. And one for your best friend. And one for their best friend.
Christina Gerakiteys

CEO & Creativity and Innovation Catalyst , Singularity University Australia

Your book is gorgeous!! It’s the kind of companion book I think is wonderfully uplifting , easy to navigate and inspire.
Felicity Urquhart

Gold Guitar winning Australian Country Music Artist, host on ABC Radio & Channel 7 TV Presenter, Host on ABC Radio & Channel 7 TV Presenter

The ideas in the six, fun filled chapters, will have you looking for pencils, paints, recycled paper and more.
Highly recommend this beautiful book.

Roxanne Kiely

Celebrity Singing Coach & Award Winning Children's Author, Creator of Busy Izzy

Same day delivery, Australia-wide

Buy today and receive:

♥ Signed edition of the book.
♥ Same day, free shipping Australia-wide.
♥ Price includes GST and postage.


Also available on Amazon Australia and Kindle worldwide


You have really redefined what creativity is to me and I will forever look at life in a completely different and more beautiful way now. Thank you!
Natalija Botica-Uhlmann

Founder, Wellbeing Collective

Daily Acts of Creativity is a fantastic read for anyone in need of discovering their potential or reigniting their creative spark. Written with heart and soul this beautifully illustrated book is full of easy and actionable steps into how to start, what it means to be creative and how to use creativity to live your best life. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in letting go of their inner critic and embracing their inner creative.
Michelle Canny

Interior Decorator and Stylist, Michelle Canny

If one word could capture the essence of Amanda O’Bryan’s “Daily Acts Of Creativity“ it would be love. Each of these fun, soulful activities asks us to take a little bit of time to listen, see, feel, sense & experience life – to breathe in our lives instead of rushing past them. By choosing to do the activities you resonate with you’ll discover that creativity isn’t about producing a work of art; it’s about play and taking time to acknowledge & love ourselves.
In “Daily Acts of Creativity“ Amanda has thoughtfully chosen creative activities to help us reconnect with the world around us so we can discover the world within. To make space in our busy lives to bee”.
Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

Business Coach, Creative Pathfinder

I’m proud of my friend Amanda and the release of her new book. This means a bias review 🙂 and, it also means that as her friend, I can vouch for her heart, her integrity and the intention she has for this book and you the reader. Amanda wants to help people in the world to get in touch with their creativity. This book is a beautiful introduction filled with sparks of love and fun and play. I loved reading it and I know you will too.


Andrea Turner-Boys

Founder & CEO, Women With Alititude

“I love your ideas – your writing and spirit. I think it’s fabulous – I bloody loved it”
Fiona Donelly

Writer, Telopea Services

Just what I needed to kickstart my year! My creativity always seems to take a back seat, for “when I have time” so of course never happens.  This will allow me to pick out a fave activity once a week and actually get started. Thanks Amanda, I love the book, your ideas are fabulous! You’ve inspired me 🙂


Wendy Small



and receive:

♥ Signed edition of the book.
♥ Same day, free shipping Australia-wide.
♥ Price includes GST and postage.



Also available on Amazon Australia and Kindle worldwide

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