Daily Acts Of Creativity

100 everyday ways to spark a happy, healthy, creative life.

Daily Acts of Creativity offers a way to unlock your creative style and re-imagine your creativity as a state of wellbeing.

With over 100 everyday activities to delight your muse, this beautifully illustrated, positive book is a heartfelt re-set for anyone on a course to finding greater contentment and a happy, healthy creative life full of love.




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Buy ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’ and receive:

♥ A signed edition copy of the new book.
♥ One-of-a-kind A5, ready to frame watercolour print.
♥ A donation of one dollar from your purchase will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Australia.


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In Daily Acts Of Creativity there are no hard and fast rules, no time-line to follow and no judgements made. You will be gently led by the hand and encouraged to reflect, play and journal your experiences with the 100 different, everyday creative acts. Each activity is designed to have a cumulative effect so that on completion of the exercises you will have enjoyed building up your creative muscles and have found inspiration to explore new passions and have created a renewed sense of wellbeing.


Hey honey, 

My name is Amanda O’Bryan, I am the founder of Creative Queen Bees.

By doing ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’ I discovered a way to open my heart, hands and mind in re-connecting with my creativity. I found a re-newed sense of meaning and purpose in my life. 

As a successful creative business owner I was stressed, overworked and suffering with the limiting self-belief of ‘not being enough’.

I felt burnt out and subsequently was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, undergoing extensive surgical treatments.

Throughout the book I share how I felt I’d lost my creative self during this time. The journey back to that integral part of my life began when I incorporated small daily acts of creativity throughout my recovery.

By re-engaging my muse I helped to re-set my course, to find greater contentment and a happier, healthier, creative life full of love.

The book first found it’s way into the pages of my daily journal in the form of abstract ideas and thoughts, lists of things to make and do, based on my 20+ years of experience as a creative professional. The journal became my own personal guidebook, a masterplan for how to live a long, happy, healthy, creative life full of love.

Faced with the uncertainty of my future, ‘Daily Acts of Creativity’ helped me break through long held beliefs and stories that stopped me from fulfilling my true creative potential.  With awareness, courage, curiosity, playfulness, gratitude and connection, I have healed my past scars, learned to truly love myself and improve my overall wellbeing.

This book will help you do the same – it will help you to connect with your own unique, personal creativity, discover your true natural gifts and talents. It will help you be your creative, authentic self – the person you were born to be.  

With much ♥ Amanda O’Bryan

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Start where you can, with small everyday creative ways and spark your happy, healthy, creative life made with love.

This book is for you if:


  • Are in Covid 19 lockdown!
  • You say to yourself, “I know I’m creative, I know I am meant to be doing something more creative, I just don’t know what or how to start”.
  • You are stressed out, worn out and crave ‘time out’.
  • You ever catch yourself saying… ‘What is the point’?
  • You are slogging it out at a job or career that is slowly eroding your soul.
  • You believe people will think you are crazy if you dare to say what you truly desire.
  • The people in your life don’t support your creativity.
  • You have ever started a creative project, got half way through and stopped out of fear, frustration or self doubt.
  • You have ever said  “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”.
  • You don’t have time for creativity.
  • You have never given yourself permission to be creative.
  • You are in the depths of a creative block.
  • You are bravely putting your creativity ‘out there’ but are left feeling battered and torn in the process.



What is the book about?


  • De-bunking the story and beliefs about your personal creativity.
  • Discovering what creativity really is.
  • Learning how to stir up your unique gifts and talents.
  • Realising your full creative potential and integrating it into real life.
  • Smashing through your creative blocks.
  • Sparking your passion by re-imagining your life.
  • Giving you time to discover your creative truth.
  • Developing happy, healthy, creative daily habits for life.
  • Taking U-turn’s on the saying ‘I can’t do that’.
  • Re-thinking any challenge in life, school or business.
  • Learning to go with your creative flow.
  • Learn that mistakes are just creativity in action.
  • Envisioning a creative life by seeing through your artistic eye.



♥ A signed edition copy of the new book.
♥ One-of-a-kind A5, watercolour print.
♥ A donation of one dollar from your purchase will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Australia.


(Includes FREE shipping across Australia)



Hello, Amanda here.

I am an artist, illustrator, designer and founder of Creative Queen Bees.

I spend my days drinking way too much tea, working from my studio in the back garden our 1910 Australian Federation house. I live in a quiet little village called Lorn on the Hunter River in Maitland, NSW.

Most days I work on commissioned design, art and illustration for my lovely clients, plus the daily work of a studio art practice.

You can read my full ‘official’ bio >> HERE


“I love your ideas – your writing and spirit. I think it’s fabulous – I bloody loved it”  

Fiona Donelly

Writer, Telopea Services

Daily Acts of Creativity is a fantastic read for anyone in need of discovering their potential or reigniting their creative spark. Written with heart and soul this beautifully illustrated book is full of easy and actionable steps into how to start, what it means to be creative and how to use creativity to live your best life. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in letting go of their inner critic and embracing their inner creative.

Michelle Canny

Interior Decorator and Stylist, Michelle Canny

If one word could capture the essence of Amanda O’Bryan’s “Daily Acts Of Creativity“ it would be love. Each of these fun, soulful activities asks us to take a little bit of time to listen, see, feel, sense & experience life – to breathe in our lives instead of rushing past them. By choosing to do the activities you resonate with you’ll discover that creativity isn’t about producing a work of art; it’s about play and taking time to acknowledge & love ourselves. 
In “Daily Acts of Creativity“ Amanda has thoughtfully chosen creative activities to help us reconnect with the world around us so we can discover the world within. To make space in our busy lives to bee”.
Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

Business Coach, Creative Pathfinder

I’m proud of my friend Amanda and the release of her new book. This means a bias review 🙂 and, it also means that as her friend, I can vouch for her heart, her integrity and the intention she has for this book and you the reader. Amanda wants to help people in the world to get in touch with their creativity. This book is a beautiful introduction filled with sparks of love and fun and play. I loved reading it and I know you will too.


Andrea Turner-Boys

Founder & CEO, Women With Alititude

Just what I needed to kickstart my year! My creativity always seems to take a back seat, for “when I have time” so of course never happens.  This will allow me to pick out a fave activity once a week and actually get started. Thanks Amanda, I love the book, your ideas are fabulous! You’ve inspired me 🙂


Wendy Small

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