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What is Daily Acts of Creativity all about? Hello, my name is Amanda O’Bryan, I am the founder of Creative Queen Bees. I started #dailyactsofcreatvity to open my heart, curiosity, connection, inspiration, listening and practice of creativity in my everyday life. Daily Acts of Creativity make me a better creative, artist and designer, but it most importantly makes me a better person to be around!

In early 2013 I started a small business – Creative Queen Bees and in the hurry and focus of business growth I needed a way to stay connected to creative spirit, so I started small mindful things that helped keep it alive. Back then I took photos on my iPhone to kept a record. After a while I got braver, worked out how to use Instagram and started sharing them with my five Instagram followers.

In late 2015, I’d got pretty slack with keeping up the posting to Instagram. I’d spent 3 1/2 years building a creative business, being highly creative and productive for my clients.  I was pretty worn out and craved to make my own art. The amazing thing is, in the years when I stopped making my own art, I re-imagined my connection to creativity with Daily Acts Of Creativity. I discovered the extraordinary lesson of experiencing a creative life in ordinary acts.

I realised that I had closed my artist eye. So I made a decision, to draw and paint the Daily Acts Of Creativity as a way to practice. So now I draw and paint everyday, sometimes I start and sometimes I finish, sometimes they are good, and sometimes not. I’ve made this little promise to myself…

It matters not what I paint or draw, how significant or small. It matters not if I finish what I start. It matters not of my judgement or how it is expressed, it matters only to be done and when it is done, that it will be done again tomorrow.

On Instagram I share these hand drawn #dailyactsofcreativity in watercolour paint, crayon & pencil. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to enjoy them. My hope is you find inspiration in your own small everyday things.

With much ♥
Amanda O’Bryan

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