One-of-a-kind, VIP creativity & art events

Tap into your creative heart, use your hands and open your mind.


Our one-of-a-kind Creative Queen Bee, creativity and art events will capture your imagination and free your creative spirit.

As our VIP guest (very important painter) you are invited to free your mind to the possibility of creativity, use your hands to create beautiful artwork and open your heart to the opportunity of a fresh re-set. 

Our private workshop events are guided, personal experiences with artist and award-winning designer, Amanda O’Bryan.
Using watercolours or acrylics on canvas, Amanda will help you liberate your inner artist to nurture your wellbeing, increase your productivity and open your imagination – and no previous art experience is required.


Creative Queen Bees Art Picnics


Join us at any of one of our upcoming VIP picnics across NSW or host a picnic in your space for a special arty occasion.

Creative Queen Bees Corporate Art & Creativity Workshop


Inspire your people. Tap into creativity for increased workplace productivity and growth and build a culture of ‘thrive in the hive’.


Amanda O'Bryan Creativity Guest Speaker


Amanda O’Bryan is an artist, designer and author, with an unrelenting passion for helping people re-imagine their creativity as a state of well-being and live confidently happy, healthy and creative lives. Even if they think they can’t draw a stick figure!

With over 20+ years as a creative professional, education and world-class training in creativity, Amanda is an experienced speaker and creativity facilitator.

Amanda shares her secret recipe for being more creative. From ultimate perfectionist superhero working mother, burnt-out, sick and diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, to re-imagining her creativity as a state of wellbeing and finding greater balance. Amanda is now the Creative Queen Bee of her own life and career.

Amanda’s speaking style is uplighting, playful, hands-on, and always includes some audience participation and interaction.


Happiness and wellbeing, leadership, motivation and innovation.

Talking Points

  • Learning how to manifest creativity daily for happiness and success.
  • Re-imagine, re-configure and re-set with the power of creative ‘Re’ energy.
  • Turning struggle into creative success – how you can do the same.
  • Re-imagine, re-configure and re-set with the power of creative ‘Re’ energy.
  • How Amanda embraced creativity to boost productivity and career success.
  • Bone digger – What happens when you say “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” how to stop being blocked and find your unique creative expression.
  • How to be the Creative Queen Bee of your own life.

Reach out to book Amanda for your next speaking event.

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