We use a hybrid of imaginative ideas, creative problem solving and design thinking as the core methodology to deliver creative facilitation.

Following is a number of suggested facilitated sessions to get you thinking about what is possible.
Each session is customised to suit your particular business challenge, problem, or desire.



Four hour creative strategy session for entrepreneurs in the early stages of the idea and or innovation lifecycle. A combination of creative problem solving, breakthrough idea generation and design thinking methods will help to create a strong strategic plan for momentous entrepreneurial action.


Discover the holistic authenticity of your brand. Challenge the pre-conceived notions of your brand and stretch your expectations. Brand discovery is about your brands unique core value and brand experience. Sessions are immersive, collaborative and co-creative, designed to suit your particular brand characterises and provide strategy.

Brand Discover is an essential part of our Brand Development and Design.


Build better digital experiences with solutions based in creative strategy, user experience, design thinking and technical proficiency. Digital Pathway sessions are immersive and custom designed to meet your particular online challenge and goal. Digital Pathways deep dive into a users digital or online experience and brings brand story to life.

Digital Pathways is an essential part of our Digital Business Solutions design and development process.


Take an idea from spark to sparkling. Explore, stretch and breakout your idea with high quality brainstorming for idea generation. This session is ideal for new products, services or business development’s that need that extra polish of sparkling brilliance for innovation.


Idea Making is a collaborative, co-creative process that is a hybrid of facilitation, consultation and design. The Creative Queen Bees team will collaborate, develop and implement ideas together with you and your team to breakout a big idea. Idea Making often includes design concepts and prototypes and further exploration with Design Thinking.


Business operates in an increasing challenging environment. Have you heard the term  “We live in a VUCA* world”? The rate of change in the world is constant and presents challenges and issues that require high level creative and critical thinking to flip perspectives and approach problems in new, innovative ways. Creative problem solving is our core methodology and addresses these challenges and business problems with creativity, imagination and big ideas.

*VUCA – Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, an acronym to describe a situation or condition.

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